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Onondaga - 60' Just  north of Watch Hill Reef, R.I.
rests the steel freighter, Onondaga. The ship  stuck  
the reef in heavy fog and sank on June 28th, 1918.  
The wreck is partially intact and rises 20' off the
gravel bottom. Acting as a reef, the Onondaga draws
an abundance of marine life including: stripped bass,
tautog, bluefish, fluke, sea bass, lobsters, and schools
of scup. The plates, boilers and ribs are covered with
colorful anemones, making this site superb for
photography. Due to strong currents the wreck can
only be dived at slack tide.
Boat Ride: 50min.
Vis. 15' - 30'

Pinnacle - 75' Located south of Block Island lies  
one of the most interesting dives in New England.   
The Pinnacle is comprised of boulders left from the  
ice flow 15,000 years ago. The towering boulders
reach  to within 30' of the surface from the sandy
bottom 75' below. Covering over an acre of ocean
floor, the huge boulders form cervices and tunnels
large enough to swim through. The rock surfaces are
covered with bright, colorful frilled anemones, blood
stars and soft corals. Needless to say, life here is at a
maximum. Current on the surface can be strong, but
subsides at depth.
Boat Ride: 1hr. 10 min.
Vis. 20' - 40'+

Puszta - 20' On April 17th, 1934 the 348' freighter,
Puszta, ran aground in heavy fog on the east side of
Block Island. Much of the wreck was salvaged,  
leaving only scattered plates and ribs. The site is
protected well by the nearby cliffs and can be an
awesome night dive!
Boat Ride: 1hr. 30min.
Vis. 25' - 40'+

Snug Harbor - 60' In 1920 this 280' steel hulled
freighter was struck by another vessel and sank in 60'
of water near Montauk Point. Storms have ravaged
the wreck leaving two boilers and large debris field
along with a bow and stern section. Sitting alone on
the bottom this site attracts schools of tautog,
stripped bass, bluefish, sea bass and scup. An
unbelievable site to see the hundreds of tautog that
frequent the wreck seasonally.
Boat Ride: 30min.
Vis. 10' - 30'

Suffolk - 180'  A nasty nor'easter was responsible for
the foundering of this 365' collier on Dec. 11th, 1943.
Today the wreck sits turtled (upside down) in 180' of
water 32 miles southeast of Montauk. Broken in two,
the wreck rises 25' off the bottom. Divers should be
warned of the extensive fishing gear that has collected
on the massive hull.
Boat Ride: 2hrs.
Vis. 30' - 80'
Vis. 10' - 30'

U-853 - 130' This type IXC 40 German submarine  
was depth charged on May 6th, 1945. The wreck is a
must see for the enterprising deep diver. Though the
sub is upright and intact, recent years have begun to
show some breaking down of this 250' vessel, but
remains one of the best u-boat dives anywhere.  
Penetration is possible, but should only be done by
qualified experienced divers.
We offer both day trips
and overnight trips to the u-boat, which generally
include a night on Block Island.
Boat Ride: 1hr. 40min.
Vis. 5' - 30'+

USS Bass - 155' This 341' V-2 class US submarine
was intentionally sunk by the US Navy in 1945. The
Bass sits in 155' of water 14 miles southeast of
Montauk. The conning tower can  be reached at 120'
and the deck at 140'. The wreck is broken in two
pieces, the bow section sits 50' from the rest of the
wreck and can be seen on a typical Bass visibility dive.
Both sections are intact and sitting upright. The Bass
is an awesome dive for experienced deep divers and
also a great site for technical training dives.
Boat Ride: 1hr.
Vis. 20' - 50'+

Vermilion/Buena Ventura - 70' This wreck has
yet to be identified as the Vermillion or Buena
Ventura. It's true identity is not yet known. Come on
out and help us uncover the clues. A nice dive with 15'
of relief in areas and covered with life.
Boat Ride: 45min.
Vis. 10' - 30'

Volund - 105' This is the wreck that was found by
NOAA in the fall of 2003. The Volund was a
Norwegian freighter that collided with another vessel
and sank on Sept. 26th, 1908 in the area known as
The Race. Amazingly, the wreck is still intact and
sitting upright. Currents in The Race can be 5 knots   
at times making this site only accessible during slack
water. Early in the season is the best time to visit the
Volund, before the plankton bloom in L.I. Sound,
which tends to drop visibility. Divers should be
trained and experienced in strong current diving and
drift deco procedures.
Boat Ride: 40min.
Visibility: 5' - 30'
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