Block Island Excursions
Dive Trips - The Sea Turtle offers multi- day diving
around the island. The first day of diving will include
two morning dives, an afternoon dive or a night dive.
The next day, the boat will go out for two morning
dives and one afternoon dive, then returning to
Montauk in the afternoon. More time on the boat =
more diving and more wrecks. There are more than
50 wrecks ranging from 20' to 200' to choose from.
Divers on the trip will make the site schedule
(weather and skill level permitting). Air and Nitrox
fills are available on the island at an additional
charge. Shark cage trips can also be incorporated in
the adventure on request or available or
Scheduled trips are limited to six divers, custom trips
can be reserved. Contact us for more information.
Known as "The Bermuda of the North", Block Island
is located just 12 miles from Montauk, NY. The clean
waters and preserved lands present an amazing
opportunity for aquatic and land based excursions
aboard the Sea Turtle. Things to do on Block Island
during our overnight and multi-day trips to the
picturesque island include; diving, spear fishing,
surfing and eco tours. Customized combination trips
can be arranged. Unique excursions are, of course,
Surf Trips - Don't paddle out to the break...jump of
the boat and paddle in! Say goodbye to the crowds,
tough parking and long paddles. Block has some
fantastic secluded surf breaks around the island that
are easily accessible with the Sea Turtle. Swells break
on the island from just about any direction and
there's usually a spot with offshore wind. Southeast
swell is best for a variety of surf with both sandbar
and rocky point breaks. Big southwest swell can be
some of biggest and best surf on the east coast.
Check multiple spots, surf all day or go back to Block
between sessions for lunch. Trips can also be
combined with a day of surf around Montauk, spear
fishing, snorkeling, cage diving, etc.
The Sea Turtle has a bunk-house type set up to
accommodate six people for overnight stays. Bunks
are clean, simple and very comfortable, especially
after a full day of adventures. Divers are welcome to
stay on the boat which is included in pricing or
make other reservations on the island. Other
accommodations on the island should be made well
in advance. The Sea Turtle will be docked for the
night in Old Harbor, Block Island.

Contact us for pricing.
Eco Tours - Paddle boarding, snorkeling, whale
watching, bird watching, and wind farm tours are all
possible on an overnight stay to Block. Grab some
friends or the family and your camera! You supply
the vision we'll supply the view.
Block Island dive, surf and eco tours
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