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Annapolis (Black Diamond) - 90'The Annapolis
was a 230' wood coal barge sunk during a collision
with a US submarine in 1945. Today the remains of the
barge lie on a sandy bottom at 90'. The bow is the most
recognizable part of the wreck and rises 15' off the
bottom. Being constructed of wood this site provides
excellent lobster hunting.
Boat Ride: 1 hr.
Vis: 10'-25'

Blackpoint - 90'  The Blackpoint was a 369' steel
hulled collier carry coal  from New York to Boston on
May 5th, 1945. She was the last ship sunk by the
German submarine,
U-853. A torpedo blew the stern
section clean off and is sitting in 85' of water.  The
larger bow section sits upside down in 100' providing
40' of relief.
Boat Ride: 2 hrs. 15min.
Vis: 5'-20'

Block Island Wind Farms - 1'-90' The wind farms
are the first of their kind in the N.E. Five 600'
platforms rise from the sandy ocean floor to the
surface and well beyond. These are the only structures
in our area that cover the entire water column,
attracting a variety of ocean life not usually seen on
typical dives. They are located in an ideal diving
environment, 3 miles S.E. of Block Island, where the
water is frequently very clean. With five platforms to
dive, a day can be spent on the platforms or combined
with wreck sites. Excellent for free diving and scuba!
Boat Ride: 1hr 20min.
Vis. 20' - 40'+

Coimbra - 190'   This 422' tanker was sunk by the
German submarine, U-123 on Jan.15th, 1942. The
wreck lies in 190' of water 45 miles southwest of
Montauk. Lying on her starboard side in three  
sections the wreck rises over 30' from the white sandy
ocean floor. Deep water wrecks such as this tend to
stay more intact and visibility can exceed 80'.
However, this type of diving demands years of
experience and technical dive training, no one will be
permitted to dive without these qualifications.
Boat Ride: 3hrs.
Vis. 20' - 80'

Dixon - 150'  South of Block Island in, 150' of water,
upright and intact lies the Dixon Chemicals barge. The
220' barge sank during a storm in  1961. Rising 25'
from the bottom, the wreck makes an impressive first
impression when heading down the line and visibility
is often worth the dive alone. This site is known locally
as the "acid barge", because it was carry a bulk cargo
of sulfuric acid, which has long since washed from the
Boat Ride: 1hr. 10min.
Vis: 20' - 50+

Elmo - 195'  On Sept. 30th,1988 this 125' wooden
menhaden seiner sunk 12 miles south of Montauk in
195' of water. The wreck is home to some huge deep
water lobsters and codfish. Divers should be cautioned
to the abundance of fishing nets that hang on the
Boat Ride: 45min.
Visibility: 15'- 50'+

Grecian - 95'  The Grecian was a 290' steel freighter
sunk after being struck by another vessel, in 1932.
Sitting in 95' of water, four huge boilers and the bow
section rise 15'  from the white sandy bottom. There is
also a large debris field behind the boilers in which
artifacts are still being found. There is an array of
marine life on this site frequently  including; sharks,
monkfish, cod and conger eels.
Boat Ride: 1hr.
Vis. 15'-40'+

Gurney's Barge - 60'  This barge is approximately
80' long lying upside down in 60' of water south of
Montauk. Mostly intact and on a sandy bottom fish
swarm the site. Penetration is possible but should be
considered dangerous do to the possibility of decaying
wreckage. The wreck is easy to navigate and a
worthwhile dive for anyone.
Boat Ride: 50min.
Vis. 10'-30'

Heroine - 80'  In 1920, this 110' fishing trawler took
on water and sank in 80' of water north of Block Is.
Today the wreck is broken up but still provides over  
20' of relief in areas. This is a very nice dive for
photography and spear fishing. Current can be strong.
Boat Ride: 1hr. 15min.
Vis. 10'-30'

Idene - 90'  The Idene was a 120' steel hulled fishing
trawler sunk as an artificial reef by the state of R.I. in
1991. The wreck sits upright and intact on a white
sandy bottom in 90' of water. Penetration is easy, but
should only be done by qualified divers. The top of
Idene can be reached at 60'. Excellent site for
underwater video.
Boat Ride: 1hrs. 40min.
Vis. 15'-40'+    

Lake Crystal - 130'  This 260' schooner barge sits
upside down in 130' of water. Mostly intact this wreck
can be penetrated but should be done only by very
experienced wreck divers. Plates with the Ford Motor
Company logo have been found.  This site is known as
a black water dive and currents can be unbearable.
Boat Ride: 45min.
Vis. 5'-30'

Larchmont - 130'  In 1907, this paddle wheeler was
stuck by another vessel and sank in 130' of water south
of Watch Hill, R.I. Today the wreckage is scattered
across the bottom. However, the 70' paddle wheels are
still standing up out of the sand and new artifacts turn
up with every storm. This site is known as a black
water dive and must be done by experienced divers at
slack tide.
Boat Ride: 45min.
Vis. 5'-30'

Lightburne - 30'  The Lightburne was a 419' oil
tanker that ran aground right in front of the Block
Island Southeast Lighthouse in 1939. Today the wreck
is unrecognizable  as a ship, but still offers an
enjoyable dive for everyone. In only 30' of water
structures reach to the surface and form underwater
corrals for fish. When the conditions are right this  
dive could be mistaken for one in tropical waters. A
great dive for people not used to northeast diving.
Boat Ride: 1hr. 15min.
Vis. 15'- 40'+

Metis - 140'  On Sept. 21st, 1872 the wooden hulled
passenger steamer, Metis, collided with the schooner,
Nettie Cushing and sank 3 miles south of Watch Hill,
R.I. in 140' of water. The remains of the hull are
scattered and broken down leaving the steam engine,
prop and shaft the most recognizable features of this
once majestic ship.
An enterprising diver could, however, find rewards in
sifting the sand for artifacts.
Boat Ride: 50min.
Vis: 5'- 30'

Miss. Jennifer - 110'  This 83' stern fishing trawler
sank in a gale on Feb. 26th, 1984. The intact wreck
rises 30' off the ocean floor and is covered with
beautiful sea anemones. With a white sandy floor as a
back drop, this site can produce high light levels and
Boat Ride:  2hrs.
Visibility: 15' - 40'+

Montana - 75'  What remains of this wooden hulled
schooner barge can be found just outside of Block
Island's New Harbor entrance, in 75' of water. The
barge sank during a storm in 1907 leaving us an
enjoyable dive site full of life and in a nice lee from
East winds.
Boat Ride: 1hr.
Visibility: 10'- 30'
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