Spear Fishing
Sea Turtle Dive Charters offers both inshore
and offshore spear fishing trips out of
Montauk, N.Y. You can book a private group
trip or sign on as an individual.

The inshore waters are full of wrecks and
rock piles to fish around and Capt. Wade can
always find a spot with few or no other
fisherman. The best spots range in depth
between 10 and 70 feet. The fish include:
Stripped Bass, Tautog (black fish), Trigger
fish,  Fluke, Sea bass, and Flounder.

The offshore trips are primarily for
Mahi-Mahi ( aka. Dorado or dolphin). The
run  usually starts in mid-July and continues
through September. This type of spear
fishing is free diving only and requires
special skills and equipment. The visibility in
the offshore waters is commonly over 50 feet
and the temperatures range from 68 to 80
degrees. Water depths are 180'+. However,
the fish are within the first 40 feet. The ride
out to the blue water takes one to two hours
pending on sea surface temperatures and
time of year.

All trips are intended to be freediving based.

(All Local and Federal laws, limits, and regulations apply)
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