Block Island
and say hello to the Bermuda of the North,
Block Island.  The Sea Turtle offers multi- day
wreck diving trips on and around the island.
The first day of diving will include two morning
dives, an afternoon dive or a night dive. The
next day, the boat will go out for two morning
dives and one afternoon dive, then returning to
Montauk in the afternoon. Divers are more
than welcome to stay on the boat; however,
sleeping space is limited to five people. The Sea
Turtle will be docked for the night in New
Harbor, Block Island. Other accommodations
on the island should be made well in advance.

More time on the boat = more diving and more
wrecks. There are more than 50 wrecks ranging
from 20' to 200' to choose from. Divers on the
trip will make the site schedule (weather and
skill level permitting). Shark cage trips can also
be incorporated in the adventure on request.
Air fills are available on the island along with a
complete dive shop. The Sea Turtle is also
equipped with a compressor for fills and
top-offs.  Scheduled trips are limited to six
divers, custom trips can be reserved, contact us
for more information. This can be an exciting
and inexpensive way to visit the island, even if
your not a diver!

$350 per person (two days)
$450 per person Shark Expeditions (two days)
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